How do I decide on the perfect ring?

Posted by Rafie Khoshbin on

Regardless of the size, it is a daunting task to find the most perfect engagement ring for your loved one. Oneself can get so overwhelmed trying decide between cushion or pear, gold or white, traditional or antique-  we hate to say … but we told you so!

On a more serious note, a lot of soon-to-be husband and wives lean toward a safer choice to avoid unforeseen headaches, but that on itself can do more harm then good! Is this post going to have a happy ending you ask? Well, yes! thanks to modern technology, hours of research and our love for jewelry, we gathered few pictures to help ease your pain through this difficult task. I figured you wouldn't have the time to go through pages of Vogue, Elle and Vanity fair during your lunch break. I summerised Vogue contributer

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