Why GIA Certified Diamonds?

Posted by Dorsa Salehi on

First answer this question, would you purchase a home without getting a home inspection? So why would you purchase a diamond without a certification?  GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, is an independent third party that analyzes loose diamonds and issues certified reports in details, including the diamond’s color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Always ask jewelers to show you a GIA report before buying a diamond to ensure about the diamond quality. When you purchase a diamond with GIA report, you have a proof of its quality and can use it if you ever want to sell your diamond in future. GIA does not issue a grading report for stones that have been undergone enhancing treatments that could cause damage to the stones. If GIA grades a diamond that has undergone laser drilling or HPHT treatment, it will specify it in the report to make future buyers and jewelers fully aware of it.

Here at Bullion & Diamond Co. we value our customers’ trust and satisfaction. We offer natural stones and diamonds with GIA reports to grantee our diamonds’ quality. We also have designers who make your dream ring with finest diamonds. Now, why not GIA certified diamonds?


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