Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

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When you are ready to start your life with your one and only love, Bullion & Diamond Co. helps you through the first step, finding the perfect ring for her. You can customize her dream ring or find THE RING ready at Bullion & Diamond Co. Next is to plan your marriage proposal! It is a special occasion that you want it to be memorable and perfect. There are many things you can do to make a big impression. Keep in mind that you know her the best, so choose the best idea that fits you relationship theme. Here are few “Romantic” proposal ideas with pros and cons by The Plunge, your (unofficial) best man:

THE FAMILY GATHERING PROPOSAL: If she likes: Awkward public moments.

Pros: Very few. If her parents already love you, perhaps they'll love you even more. And you won't have to spend two hours serially calling all of her relatives and repeating how-you-proposed stories and announcing your engagement--they're all there. Whhooo.

Cons: Don't do this. Ever. It puts crushing pressure on her, it's awkward for the family, and it robs the moment of all its privacy and dignity. Plus, proposing in front of the family is what the bad guy does in romantic comedies--Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers, Cal from Titanic, and the Soul Glo guy from Coming to America. Don't be that guy.

COOK HER DINNER: If she likes: Quiet evenings at home more than trendy hotspots

Pros: This works best for guys who never cook. Seriously. It'll mean that much more to her. And frankly, cooking a meal isn't really that damn hard. You just find a recipe and follow the bastard. Bonus: sometime in advance, get her to confess her absolute favorite dinner ever-including details on side dishes, appetizers, and dessert. If you're desperate for information and she's tight-lipped, resort to the old "What would you order for dinner as your last meal in case you get electrocuted?" trick. Recreate this meal faithfully down to every last detail, minus electrocution.

Cons: You need to dress it up (flowers, a cartoonish amount of candles, wear a tie, etc.) otherwise it might be too ho-hum.

WALK ON THE BEACH: If she likes: Fairytale romance.

Pros: This one's tried and true. You're letting nature do the work for you-the lapping of waves against the shore, the warm feel of sand between your toes, the soft glow of twilight.

Cons: Screaming children, crabs, and jellyfish. Obviously scout your beach in advance and ensure it's secluded and safe.

WHERE YOU FIRST MET: If she likes: You.

Pros: We like this because it's personalized. Depending on the venue, this'll require a little ingenuity on your part. If you met at the park playing frisbee? Easy money. More complicated, though, if you met at a dance club, prison, or free clinic.

Cons: Obviously this is all dependent on the venue, but what you can do is incorporate the meeting-place into a more elaborate date. For instance, say you met at a bookstore. You can take her to dinner and a four-star hotel, but as part of the date you casually swing by the old bookstore to do a little browsing. You don't even need to pop the question there, but incorporating it into the evening will add a personal flourish to your proposal.

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Don't forget her RING!

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