Diamond Studs

Beautiful Diamond Studs in Chantilly and Fairfax Available at Bullion and Diamond Co.

We carry a wide range of diamonds varying in size and value. When looking diamonds there are basic standards that all diamonds are rated. Remember the 4 C’s of when considering diamonds:
  • - Cut
  • - Clarity
  • - Color
  • - Carat

Every diamond we carry is rated by the above criteria. The cut of a diamond is rated from excellent to poor. Flawless clarity will make a diamond much more valuable than one with visible inclusions. A colorless diamond is more highly rated than one with noticeable color. Carat refers to the size of a diamond.

The price range for diamond studs is as varied as the different diamonds we have available. Not sure what you are looking for? Come by our store and we can show you the beautiful options we currently have available and help you understand the difference between a diamond’s clarity and color.

At Bullion and Diamond Co. we are constantly getting new inventory, as we are one of the biggest diamond buyers and sellers in the area. 1/2 carat diamond stud earrings in 14k white gold, 3/4 carat diamond stud earrings in 14k white gold and round pave diamond stud earrings in 14K gold are just a few of the items we currently have on our shelves, to see our full selection, come by our store today.

We Are Your Source for Diamond Studs in Chantilly and Fairfax

No matter the cut or carat you are looking for, we are here to help you find the perfect diamond stud for any occasion. In addition to diamond studs we also carry a selection of engagement rings and wedding bands. Come by to see our current inventory of diamond studs in Chantilly and Fairfax